This oatmeal is the best for weight loss.

Oatmeal is packed with amazing health benefits. But, if you have ever studied at the school of carb-cutting oatmeal may seem like something you would love to eat. However, it could also be a food that will destroy your weight loss goals. One dietitian explains that oatmeal can actually promote weight loss. It doesn’t matter if you shy away from oatmeal. You can still eat it and get in shape.

Katey Davidson MScFN, RD and CPT (via Healthline), says that “some versions of oatmeal recepti are better than others.” You can make small adjustments to your oatmeal to help with weight loss or gain, no matter what your weight goals.

Here are Davidson’s top tips for weight loss, while still loving oatmeal. (Want to know more about the health benefits good carbs have? A New Study reveals that eating whole grains has a major effect on your health.

Be careful when choosing your oats.

Davidson suggests that you choose rolled or steel-cut oats if you are trying to lose weight. She says they are less processed, have higher fiber and sugar than instant oatmeal.

Be sure to pay attention to the serving size.

It’s tempting to throw a heaping spoonful of oats in a pot or bowl, especially when you are waking up with a roaring stomach. Remember that the standard serving size for oats is half a cup dry.

Davidson claims that a half cup of rolled oats provides 150 calories (with the liquid if you cook with milk) and 5 grams of protein. There are also 4 grams of fiber.

Pay attention to that sugar.

The flavored packets of maple and brown sugar or cream oatmeal may transport you back to your childhood, but it is important to be aware of the sugar content when you are trying to lose weight. Davidson explains that added sugar can cause low blood sugar, hunger, and fatigue as soon as you eat.

You can add more benefits to your bowl.

Who can blame you if you crave some flavor in your oatmeal? Davidson suggests that you can get creative with ingredients from your pantry, like a pinch of cinnamon or a little bit of vanilla. You can also add fresh or frozen fruit to increase nutrition (yes, bananas and mangoes!). A scoop of high-quality protein powder (here’s how you can find it).

You might also consider a plant-based milk without added sugars. We love Tache pistachio and Mooala organic bananamilks, as well as Malibu Mylk unsweetened vanilla organic flaxmilks.

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