There are a few reasons why your bathtub is not working properly

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot a problem with your bathtub. It can be difficult to clean a combination shower/tub, which is much more difficult than separate fixtures. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a jetted bathtub. However, it is important to understand what causes it to stop working. More information is available here.

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It doesn’t drain

Let’s first assume that the tub does not drain. If it does drain, it will do so slowly. It’s not a good idea to shower every day and not stop to clean the tub, especially if all the dirt and debris you’re washing away won’t drain. You might end up looking worse than you really are. It’s important to do something before it makes everyone around you sick.

Stopper is filthy

Have you ever checked the stopper of the tub? It might be very dirty. It is important to keep an eye on it and change it every few days. The stopper can become stuck in the same way as a flapper in a toilet. This can cause water to stop flowing smoothly. This could be caused by soap scum, hair clumps, or hard water.

Clog Won’t Go Away

A clog can be a frustrating problem in any tub, no matter how it is jetted. It may not dissolve. To see if the drain snake can remove the clog, If this doesn’t work (and it may not), then you can try other methods. You can check to see if there is something more tangible like a razor cap or shampoo bottle cap that fell down the drain. There could also be other issues. You won’t find out until you look!

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