How to Choose Your Rattan Dining Chair

All of our rattan chairs can be used for different purposes and styles. We have a rattan dining chair that will suit your needs, whether you are looking for a relaxed lounge chair or a chair that can support long meals. Explore all your options below.

Why Rattan?

First, why choose a Rattan Dining Chairs? They are available in a variety of styles, colours, and materials to match any garden.

Our rattan chair frames are powder coated aluminum, which is highly resistant to rust, and extremely long-lasting. We also use HDPE synthetic rattan, which is fully resistive to the UK’s damp environment.

All of our rattan chairs have padded cushions. Some come with back and seat cushions while others only come with the seat cushions. This provides extra comfort and padding for outdoor activities.

Cushions are waterproof and stain-resistant, but they should not be used outside as they are not weatherproof.

Standard Dining Chairs

The standard dining chairs we offer include the Amelia chair, from our Classic collection, and the Camilla chair, from our Heritage collection.

These chairs are smaller and can be used to save space. They have low backs and soft armrests. These chairs are a mix of traditional dining chairs and lounge chair.

Lounge Dining Chairs

The Olivia chair from the Classic collection and Leeanna chair from the Heritage range are our lounge dining chairs.

These chairs are lower than the ground and can be used for casual dining or drinks outside. The chairs have sloping backs with curved armrests that make them easy to sink into. These chairs are ideal for hosting informal barbecues in a lounge setting.

Reclining Dining Chairs

The reclining dining chairs are available in the Ruxley range of our Classic collection as well as the Carolina range from the Heritage collection.

These dining chairs offer the best of both worlds. They offer formal dining with high backs and plenty of support. When retracted, they can be transformed into a comfortable lounge chair where you can relax with a glass or wine in hand and nibbles at the table. You can adjust the angle of recline by using a hydraulic pump.

How do you choose?

We recommend that you think about what your garden will be used for before purchasing a rattan dining table chair. Our traditional dining chairs are ideal for hosting formal parties in your garden with set meals. Our lounge dining chairs are the ideal choice if you prefer to spend time drinking, talking and snacking.

You can have both the comfort and style you desire when you are outdoors.