The Creeper is the Only tool you must have

It’s a clear day as every other day, and you’re driving along the highway to work and you hear a rattle coming from somewhere under your car and it’s creating a sense of anxiety. It’s not a problem however, the car is functioning well. What can you do? You decide to not call your mechanic and instead , wait until you are home to examine the issue yourself.

You’ve got the car in the garage , and it’s time to make and check and locate the rattle. While crawling underneath your car may not be appealing, it can save you money and help you identify the cause of the noise. Then, you place some cardboard boxes that are flat, or even an old blanket or drop cloth on the floor under the rear of the vehicle. You grab a big flash light get down to your back and slide under the car. You then immediately brush the inside of the vehicle with the edge of your baseball cap. This causes dirt and crap to drop into your face and on to your chest; isn’t this enjoyable already.

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person who loves to work on their own car, an under car creeper is the only device you should have.

Auto repairs can be done by yourself and save you plenty of money. If you have to take your vehicle to an auto mechanic for something so basic, why not buy the one tool used by professionals everywhere and fix it yourself?

A creeper is a great device to get into and out of the underside of your car or truck. A vehicle creeper is among the most useful garage tool you will ever purchase. A quality creeper is long-lasting and user-friendly. It can also be equipped with a V-drop for shoulder support as well as a cushioned headrest. A creeper must be equipped with solid frames made of lightweight steel tubing.

The creeper should be padded and covered with heavy-duty low-maintenance vinyl. It also provides an easy access to storage space for all of your tools. The best creepers have tool trays that can be attached to the rails on the sides of the creeper and save time and energy, by having everything you require in your reach.

Creepers are restricted in wheel movement , and they can’t go over floors or cracks. A quality under car creeper isn’t simply a piece of plywood that has wheels. Look for a creeper featuring six specially-designed polyolefin over-sized casters that will provide smooth rolling through a patented shock-absorbing spring, plus, the heavy-duty casters come in your choice colours.

Hammers for Automotive Work

We’re pleased to be able to bring you back to our series about automotive tools that are suitable for those who are new to work in the automotive industry and tools. This article will cover the basics of choosing the best hammer for your automotive mechanical work. The issue of auto body work as well as hammer usage is more complicated and takes years of education. Hammers are employed in mechanical automotive tasks to “Persuade” an object to loosen. Do not use a hammer to pound something into complete submission.

You may be familiar with the more common carpenter Hammer. Although they are suitable for certain kinds of automotive work however, they’re not the best hammer. We’re talking about a claw hammer that is used to remove nails. What you really need is the ball peen hammer. If you don’t own an actual clawhammer, a clawhammer might be enough to do the job. It is essential to ensure that the head of your claw hammer doesn’t become loose as this can cause a myriad of problems that can arise with claw hammers. The shank of the hammer must be securely sunk into the head of the hammer, or there is a chance of it breaking and damaging yourself or your car. The use of flying clawhammers is not a wise choice. Be cautious while working on your car using a clawhammer.

Like with everything that requires force and automotive work, you should use forceful strikes with care. The majority of the automotive components that are that you see under your hood are made of cast aluminum, which can fracture and break if struck hard. Make sure you are aware of the part you’re striking and how hard you hit it, or you could be left with a bigger repair than you originally planned.


Nearly every component of a vehicle must be maintained in order to keep it running at its peak condition. For the separate vehicle systems such as transmission, engine, etc., we have a multitude of repairing tools. These tools can be helpful in the repair and maintaining your vehicle. Everybody, from a mechanic to an owner of a car should be able determine the tools readily available in times of need. Here is a list with the top ten tools used in car maintenance and repair.


The tools are used to lift a vehicle off the ground. From replacing front and rear brakes , to changing a flat tire, jack and jack stands are essential in car repairs. Determine the curb weight of a vehicle so that a stand has sufficient load rating to handle it. The curb rating of a jack stands should not exceed 50% of the car’s curb weight. A jack stand must be built with a sturdy frame that can horizontally reach jacking point of cars. Also, check the length of the arms of a jack stand. The jack stand arm must reach the frame member vertically.


The most frequently utilized tool to replace tires is the lug wrench, also known by tire irons. They are L and X-shaped lug wrenches can be utilized to remove the hubcap.


It’s hard to see under the engine without working lighting. It is recommended that you always have a fully charged flashlight. A flashlight is crucial to fix the internals of an engine. Therefore, keep one in your tool kit for emergencies.


A complete set of screwdriver is needed to remove a clamp or a clip. There are many types of heads that are available to use these tools. To remove a specific type of fastener, a particular screwdriver is required. This is why it is important to have all types of screwdriver that will make the work hassle-free. In case, you fall and damage a screw during work, a magnetized head screwdriver allows you to remove it from the gap that is difficult to reach.


Pliers are multi-purpose instruments that are used in cutting through and out of stuck nuts as well as cutting and bending heavy wire, and compressing materials. It is recommended to possess an plier set consisting of a couple of wire cutters and needle-nose pliers that reach the parts of cars that your fingers are unable to reach.

Set-up of the hammer:

Hammers aren’t used often in the process of repairing or maintaining cars. However, they can be employed when working on the metal body. With the proper auto body hammer, alignment issues and sight bumps are able to be fixed. To smooth out bumps the hammer set must include a rubber mallet.


Spark plug spanners are all that’s needed to get rid of a sparkplug without breaking or damaging it. This tool is equipped with an elastomer grommet, which gives better grip for replacing or removing spark plugs.

Adjustable WRENCHES:

They are extremely useful tools to unscrew nuts and bolts. They are the ideal substitute for many wrenches in various sizes. However, it can be a bit difficult to work with them in tight areas of the vehicle because of their large heads.


An air compressor is an ideal device to fill up automobile tires. It’s lightweight and easy to operate. A 12-volt compressor can be used to fill the car tire in just a couple of minutes. Inflators for tires are extremely helpful in keeping the pressure that is recommended.


Car multimeters are used to check the voltage and amperage of your car’s batteries. These can keep a car battery optimally charged and eliminate the possibility that a battery is dying. You can also measure the circuit resistance of a car component by using these car multimeters. For a vehicle to run smoothly, it is required to invest some time in its maintenance. Moglix understands the importance of maintaining your car and repair. Moglix provides the finest tools for a fair cost. Purchase car repair tools on and experience a delightful shopping experience.

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