The Clairvoyant: Can You See the Future With Your Eyes?

As old as humanity is the question of whether clairvoyants can see the future. Is it necessary for clairvoyants to be able to see the future in order to interpret it? How does clairvoyance work? Clairvoyance does not only involve visual perception of sequences and images. Learn more about the different forms of clairvoyance.

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Clairvoyance is a gift that does not require context

Clairvoyants can see things, but they cannot act on the information. It is because they don’t know the actors and can’t bring the place into a tangible relationship. This information is more like a collection of images or scenes that cannot be identified. Even fewer people can attribute what they see to a specific period or to a particular person. This gift is not for everyone. Some psychics might struggle to use it. Few people are capable of putting the clairvoyant material into a context and assigning it to someone. Then, the question is how detailed the information.

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Medium for spiritual communication

People who are clairvoyant tend to have stronger intuition than others. They are able to sense vibrations and dive into other dimensions. The spiritual channel medium can also be a clairvoyant. Channel mediums have contact with higher energies, such as angels and ascended masters. You can also learn valuable information from them that will help you interpret the future. Your soul can also be communicated with by the channel medium. Your future is often more important to the soul than you realize. This portfolio can be used for future interpretation. This channel medium is one of the most effective sources for clairvoyance.

What does a clairvoyant see anyway?

It all depends on the channel that the clairvoyant prefers. That means that the senses of hearing, smelling and seeing, as well as feeling and knowing, are all important. Because they contain the most information, hearing, seeing, and being able to interpret it are the most efficient. However, not all clairvoyants see a lot. His hearing is not better. Each clairvoyant will use the sense that is most prominent in him.

A false belief in clairvoyance

Many believe the clairvoyant is able to see everything. He can even read minds! However, this isn’t the case. Also, the clairvoyant might not be able to recognize your name when you call.


Images appear in the inner eye if it is seeing. These images can appear very clear or blurry at first. They can show very simple images or extremely detailed images. Sometimes they look more like little films. The art of a clairvoyant is to translate the perceptions and provide an interpretation that can be used every day.

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The feeling

If you meet a clairvoyant, who uses the feeling to their advantage in their work, it is possible for them to connect with your energy. The first contact with an energetic being occurs only then. An excellent clairvoyant will be able to instantly connect you with events. These vibrations can be perceived as emotional and character vibrations. These are energy forces that exist in your environment, or may still occur.

A father’s energy, for example, can be described. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your father should be mentioned. You can have a close relationship with anyone as with your father. An uncle, friend, or neighbor could also be included in the father’s energy category. A connection is like many other aspects of life. The same goes for the clairvoyant, and his ability to interpret.

The knowledge

It is fascinating to see a clairvoyant that simply sees what is there. The clairvoyant will answer your question. The clairvoyant cannot tell you the source of the answer. He knows that he knows. As we all know the earth is round and that we are sitting in chairs, so does he. This type of clairvoyance can also be rare.

The smell

Clairvoyance is a method of detecting the smells in people. These scents are associated with those who have been predestined to wear this particular fragrance. It could be a spray or perfume that the person loves and uses often. You can also derive an action. A future event could be triggered if the clairvoyant smells the kitchen. A clairvoyant who uses only smell as a tool will not be able to give precise interpretations. It is always a good idea to have another tool available to help make the interpretation concrete.

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The hearing

The clairvoyant can hear words in a variety of ways. Sometimes, what he hears is complicated. Because not every sentence is heard by the clairvoyant. It can be broken down into words, sentences in half or sentences that are not understandable.