Santa Monica, Calif. (30 January 2018) — Santa Monica Travel & Tourism (SMTT), reminds Americans about the importance of vacation planning.

More than half (54%) of Americans fail to take advantage of all of their vacation time each year, creating 662 million unutilized vacation days.

Better planning is the best way to help American workers plan for more vacation days. Only 54% of American households plan to use their vacation time every year. This is a significant drop from the previous 50%. Project: Time Off launched the National Plan for Vacation Day to encourage Americans to make vacation plans and stop making excuses.

Misti Kerns, President/CEO at SMTT, stated that Santa Monica Travel & Tourism will be celebrating National Plan for Vacation Day. This is a time for Americans to reclaim vacation days. Planning can help us all enjoy the benefits of taking a vacation while also giving ourselves something to look forward too.

Research has shown that planners have an advantage over non-planners. Project: Time Off’s 2017 State of American Vacation report revealed that planners travel trunk are more efficient with their time, have longer vacations and are happier.

Project: Time Off developed a vacation planning tool to help employees plan their vacation days. Simply enter the number of vacation days earned and users can Martini Racing plan their trips and vacations, export to their personal calendar or work calendar, and share them with family members and coworkers.

Kerns said, “Don’t let vacation days go by without planning.” Plan your next Santa Monica trip where you can enjoy art, relax on the beach and explore the vibrant culinary scene. Discover all this city has to offer.

Tourism Talks – Santa Monica Travel & Tourism Encourages you to Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day

We live in a beautiful city on the beach, but that doesn’t mean we should not slow down and explore the world. Santa Monica Travel & Tourism encourages residents to take some time off as part of National Plan for Vacation Day, January 28.

55 percent of American workers failed to make use of all their vacation time last year. This is more than half. This is a total of 768 million vacation days that were not used in a single year. You’ll be unable to spend time with family and friends, or go to new places, or engage in activities. It will also prevent you from maximizing your potential to improve your well-being.

Santa Monica is a place that is committed to wellness. Research has shown that vacation time can be a great way to improve your mental and physical well-being. The health benefits of taking vacation time are numerous and include a lower risk of high blood pressure, stress reduction, and better wellbeing.

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