Williams “Martini Racing” reaps the benefits of PPG’s

Williams Martini Racing Reaps the Benefits of PPG’s Most Recent Technical Paint Solutions

Williams and PPG have been working together since 2003 to find weight savings for the Formula One cars. This is a crucial element in lap times. Formula One cars are now heavier than ever thanks to new regulations for 2014.Williams Martini Racing has seen a 48% weight reduction thanks to PPG’s new technical paint solutions. PPG coatings provide Williams Martini Racing with a performance edge while maintaining the high standards of presentation expected for the team’s 2014 livery.

“We are proud to see PPG coatings Business Park on the new 2014 Williams Livery,” says Danni Aiken Marketing Communications Manager, PPG Refinish UK & Ireland.

Formula One expects excellence and demands the best. Teams are constantly looking for high-performance materials to improve the performance of Formula One cars, from the electronics inside to the exterior paintwork. PPG and Williams Martini Racing continue to partner for an incredible twelfth season.

Williams Martini Racing Stays Among the F1 Champions Thanks to Ultrafast Network

Williams Martini Racing, a Formula 1 team, signed a sponsorship and network services agreement with BT in March 2015. This allows it to use high-performance network services on its trackside and factory-based tracks.

Big Slow Data

However, Williams found many of the same problems as Lotus when he arrived at Grove headquarters in Oxfordshire.

We were unable to transfer data from the circuit to the factory in real time so we scheduled data transfers. He explains that we could not send videos to pit stop analysis, so we had to schedule data transfers for Friday practice sessions. Then, feedback would be sent on Saturday. Our engineers were really restricted by our limited bandwidth.

MPLS Networking

Williams Martini Racing first engaged with BT to pilot a project in the final stages of 2014 F1 season. Then, BT committed to a full partnership shortly before the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona in 2015.

Williams will be able to use BT’s high performance networking services in the long-term for secure, high-speed communication, collaboration and cloud-based fixed voice and mobile services.

Incremental Gains

Williams Martini Racing’s approach to Williams Martini Racing is very similar to Team Sky’s pro-cycling team to improve the performance of riders like Bradley Wiggins or Chris Froome. This is basically looking for incremental gains here and there and everywhere else. Pit stop analysis is where the network really shines to cigar travel case make those incremental gains.

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