Mike Vogel And Wife Courtney Vogel

Mike Vogel falls in love with Courtney Vogel, which is quite the opposite of his character in “Sex/Life”. Below, you can get to know him better. Mike Vogel is an American actor and model. He also produces. Since his role as Sarah Shahi’s straight-laced banker husband in Netflix’s series “Sex/Life”, Vogel has been a focal point of attention. He’s been part of many films, including “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, “Grind”, “Poseidon”, and “Blue Valentine”, among others. His acting projects have been well received by both the public and critics. He is now a well-known actor in the industry. Court Mike Vogel Wife Courtney Vogel is an American former model who is well-known for being Mike Vogel’s wife. She is a well-known actress’ wife, but she isn’t a familiar face in the industry.

Courtney Vogel Early life

She was born in the United States on 7 April 1985. Her birth name is Courtney Renee Raborg and she is mixed-ethnic (German, Jewish and Dutch). Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Courtney is an American citizen. Courtney was a young fashion enthusiast and decided she wanted to become a part of the industry as she grew up. She has not revealed any other information about her family, including his mother, father and siblings. It is also difficult to find information about her education.

Courtney Vogel Career

Courtney Vogel started modeling at a young age. It was a gift that she had the ability to do it. After receiving training from industry experts, she was able to secure contracts with major companies across the United States. She fell mylsu in love with the glamour industry, and that led to her current relationship. She has resigned from modeling, and she is now able to spend more time with her children and manage the duties of raising them.

Personal Life

She is currently 43 years old. Courtney Vogel and Mike Vogel first met in 2002 at a party for the modeling industry. Mike was so scared that he said only a brief greeting to Courtney before he left the band. Mike later called his mother to inform her that he thought he had just met his wife. They began to see each other and their friendship blossomed into great romance.

Courtney and Mike were married in private on the 4th of January 2003. They moved into a house in Los Angeles and then to a second property in Nashville, Tennessee, after their marriage. They have been married for nearly a decade headband holder and have maintained an excellent relationship. Mike Vogel and Courtney Vogel are blessed with three children: 1 son and 2 girls. Their first child, Cassy Renee Vogel was born in 2007. After two years, they had another child, Charlee B. Vogel. Their son Gabriel James Vogel was born in 2013. Their parents still raise them in Nashville.

Courtney Vogel Net Worth

As of 2021, she is expected to have a net worth in excess of $500 million. The average model salary in the United States is $125.457k annually. Her earnings as an actress ranged between $22k and $201k. Mike Vogel, her husband is said to be worth $1million. His success is due to his work as an actor, producer and director.


  • She started her career training with other business professionals.

She has not been in any scandals or controversy that have made headlines in the media. Apart from that, she has managed not to be involved in any scandals or controversy.

  • She’s not on any social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Last Thoughts

After getting married, she began to cut back on modeling. She stopped modeling as her family grew and now she only models occasionally. We wish her all the best in whatever endeavors she pursues.

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