Four Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Side sleepers who are lighter than average weight need a mattress that is more comfortable for their spines. The foam is also protected from overheating thanks to its cooling features.

It’s made from The all-foam model is composed of layers of varying firmness throughout. However, the top layer of the foam is the softest and most suited to your body.

Notes from the Tester Our tester described it to be “super soft foam that molds and doesn’t sink completely.” She noticed a cooling effect on warmer nights. Other Amerisleep mattress owners have also noted the soft foam feel and the bounce of the foam.

The Purple Mattress

Purple’s unique grid-shaped elastic is a pressure-relieving bed that feels firm and cushiony, but doesn’t feel soft when you add weight. This means that side sleepers can get the pressure relief they need without having to sacrifice support. Although there is no maximum weight for the mattress, they recommend a maximum of 600 pounds (or 300 pounds per side).

It’s composed of two layers of foam below the top-level grid. This is the basic Purple model. However, you can upgrade it with more layers of foam and hybrids that include coils.

Tester notes that the grid felt like the perfect mix of firm and soft. It is motion-isolating so that their partners don’t move around at night, they also said. One woman even said, “I like the way it keeps its shape and form even though my husband is very heavy.” Several people complained that delivery took longer than they expected but thought it was worth the wait.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR–Luxe Breeze

Although the mattress is expensive, its cooling features make it a great choice for hot sleepers. They have been shown to keep users up to eight degrees cooler throughout the night. There are two levels of firmness available, with soft being the best for side sleepers.

It’s made from the same quality foam that Tempur-Pedic is known for. It also boasts superior motion isolation, which makes it ideal for couples. Cooling features include phase-change technology in its top layer, and a cool to the touch outer cover.

Tester notes. Our reviewers noticed the cooling effect and reported a better night’s sleep. One reviewer stated, “I used to wake up all night and then I’ve been sleeping for 7 hours straight.” It’s amazing. It feels like new and has stood up to years of usage.

Avocado Green Mattress

This mattress shows that you don’t need to compromise on performance in order to go green. Although the mattress is firmer than the average, the included pillowtop made from organic latex makes it more comfortable for side sleepers. Avocado offers the longest trial period. You can return the mattress within one year of delivery.

What it is made from It contains wool, cotton, and latex (a natural rubber tree foam) and has been certified organic by Global Organic Latex Standard and Global Organic Textiles Standard. This means that you can be sure that the entire manufacturing process follows strict guidelines.

Notes from the tester We received feedback from users who loved sleeping on this mattress. They also highlighted how evenly it distributes their body weight. One user commented, “I like it’s made from organic and natural materials. It’s very comfortable and it has held up even after 2 years.”

Sleep Number 360 m7 Smart Mattress

Sleep Number technology features built-in air chambers which can be adjusted to any level of firmness. This allows couples to choose their own settings, while sharing a bed. You can also use it to track your sleep and provide tips for improving your sleep quality.

It’s made up of This model has adjustable air chambers and memory foam on the top. Side sleepers will find it provides ideal pressure relief. To ensure that the bed remains firm throughout the night, it has sensors built in to detect and respond to movement.

Tester points out Although the price is high, users tell us that it’s worth every penny. Many users said that they regretted waiting so long to spend the money. One tester even claimed that he felt 30 times younger after sleeping on it.