5 Competitive Card Games to Enjoy When You’re Stuck at Home

Being stuck at home is a chore when you can’t find anything to do. For the gaming enthusiasts out there, however, a day indoors has limitless possibilities! Just take a look at our previous article, which discusses DIY games like Barrel of Monkeys and more that you can make at home for some wholesome family fun.

While building your own games is fun, there’s still an appeal to simpler options like card games. After dominating game nights for over a century, competitive card games are perfect for sprucing up a lazy night indoors. So, here are our top five suggestions below:

Magic: The Gathering (MTG)

Many think that MTG requires a steep learning curve, which may make it difficult to play with new members in your household.

While the worldbuilding is certainly complex, Magic: The Gathering can be easily introduced if you recreate a starter deck with core rules in advance. This is so your Magic students don’t get too overwhelmed by too many interactions at once.

The joy of playing the game at home comes from your familiarity with your fellow players. You know what your friends or family members are like, and what levers you may be able to pull to engage them. This transforms the in-game adventure into an external journey as well, and makes for some fun banter as you play.


If your friends and family members are having difficulty catching up in MTG, you might want to try Hearthstone, which is a digital collectible card game that can be played on your phone or tablet.

The two carry the same objective of summoning creatures and casting spells from a customizable deck of cards to bring the opponent’s life pool down to zero. However, Hearthstone has less mechanics while focusing on the offensive, whereas MTG focuses on the defensive. Plus, Hearthstone is free to play, and even has parental controls so you can ensure younger family members are safe even while you aren’t around.


If worldbuilding isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to consider taking out that standard deck of cards that every household is bound to have tucked away somewhere. Why not begin with poker?

It is a great chance to test your skills against one another, as well as explore the various kinds of poker that are played around the world. Texas Hold’em is a very popular variation and is the one most commonly played in major casinos. So there’s a good chance friends and family have already played it and are familiar with the rules.


If you want a game a little easier on the brain then try out Heart. Heart still requires some level of math but only to the extent of ensuring that you have the least amount of points when one player eventually reaches 100 points.

Because the game requires players to exchange cards with one another, this is a great way to build intimacy without sacrificing a competitive edge.


Don’t set your deck aside just yet. Blackjack is another popular option for house parties because it’s simple and fast-paced, which means you can chat and play at the same time.

Additionally, when playing blackjack you can divide the household members into dealers or players. This allows audiences to take sides and enjoy the thrill of calling whether to hit or stand.

There are tons of fun card games out there! You just need to find the right ones for your friends, and family, so that being stuck indoors won’t be so boring after all.