AutoCAD: Tips for Optimal Performance

AutoCAD, the computer-aided design software popular by Autodesk speeds up and simplifies design for 2D and 3-D digital designs. You can also store files in the cloud, so you can access them anywhere and anytime.

The frustration of working with hardware or software that isn’t up to standard can make it difficult for CAD designers. Sometimes, it’s best to hire a professional. We have many Houston followers, so you might be one of them! You might ask one of the IT service providers in Houston for help optimizing your software or hardware to maximize the performance of your AutoCAD.

Here are five tips to ensure that AutoCAD delivers the best possible design and drafting experience.

1. Use Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration can be enabled to enhance the visuals and performance of your software. This function can only be enabled if your video card supports OpenGL, which is a 2D or 3D graphics API.

To activate hardware acceleration, use the command-line tool 3DCONFIG. Next, turn the Hardware Acceleration switch on using the Effects Settings panel. Hardware acceleration will not be activated if there is no OpenGL-capable card.

2. Ease Your Computer Workload

You should consider how your computer workload affects the functionality of AutoCAD software if you want to achieve maximum performance. You can disable unnecessary startup programs. This is a great way to speed up your computer and fusion simultaneously.

3. Keep everything up-to-date

Keep your software current with the most recent hotfixes and service packs to ensure smooth performance. The most dangerous malware exploits flaws in software programs such as operating systems and web browsers. These large programs should be regularly scanned for security issues and stability. Software updates often include patches to fix security holes, which is essential.

4. Clearing out unneeded data

Clean AutoCAD files is another option. Sometimes, a faulty CAD file can cause slow program performance. You can use the PURGE command or the AUDIT command, to make your CAD file smaller.

AutoCAD can be made to use more memory by closing unneeded applications and keeping the background process count down. This will increase its speed. You should delete any program that isn’t necessary for your computer to work. To increase your computer’s speed, you can also clean up your disk space.

5. Prioritize the Software

For better performance, you may give AutoCAD a higher priority within the task manager. This means that AutoCAD can run ahead of less critical software applications by setting its priority high.

Open the task manager by pressing CTRL+Alt+Del. Next, click on the Details tab and select the AutoCAD-related application. Right-click on AutoCAD.exe and choose Set Priority from its contextual menu. From the drop-down menu, select Realtime to be the highest priority. Remember that the priority setting will return to active status if you close AutoCAD or restart your computer.

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